Can i replace the smileys? (Windows)

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Post Posted February 8th, 2004, 1:16 pm

I'm running Windows XP and Thunderbird 0.4, and I'm wondering if I can replace the default smileys with my own ones?


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Post Posted February 8th, 2004, 1:53 pm

That would mean you would have to take apart the .jar file of the theme you are using now. A .jar file has probably the same name as the theme (or should be recognisable as such) and can be renamed to .zip and extracted. See if you can find .png's or .jpg's that are the same as the smilies you see and replace the files. Or look for the .css files that handles them and change filenames.

you could also PM sboulema and nag him ;)
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Post Posted February 10th, 2004, 8:59 am

Oh, thanks :-)

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