"Edit draft"? Double-click opens reply?

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I would say just about every folder. But ... I have like 5 e-mail accounts, hate 'drafts', and have everything set to keep drafts in my 'mail' folders.

So ... I would bet ... there is a folder flag as to whether drafts are kept there, and that flag has been set on the main folders I work from.

I hate 'drafts'. I work, always, from my 'inbox'. I like drafts at the top of my inbox, as a reminder I have started a message and to complete it.

I will confirm by changing this and get back to you. In a sense, if this is what's going on, this is both a bug, and a feature request, that this behaviour should not happen.


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I agree, the button should only be there if it is a draft. I am going to confirm that if you change the location that the drafts are saved to, the messages become "drafts" in that folder, but only that folder.

So, I changed my draft location to the inbox, all messages in the inbox now act as if they are a draft, even if they are a message I received. But, the other folders behave properly.

I'll check the bug reports. No guarantees, my bugzilla searching abilities are pretty poor; either I get too many hits to wade through or I get no hits.
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> I get too many hits to wade through or I get no hits.

Been there, done that! (-:

Thanks. Especially for confirming the behaviour I'm experiencing.

Particularly as nobody likes 'aberrant' behaviour!

If you can't find a bug report, please file one.

I guess what we're saying is that an individual message needs to be flagged as a draft, not an entire folder.

Thanks again.

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Hi there!

I have same problem...

I have 5 emails accounts... So when i receive a new email(inbox)... I open with doube-click and it appers in "write mode", with "to" and "bcc" already

But if i open with "right button"... and click "open in new windows" it's fine... Open only in read mode

In safe mode not works, so i think it's not addons...

Any ideias ?

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Locking due to the age of the thread you have replied to.

Look into Tools > Account Settings > (account) > Copies & Folders and verify that the location of your "Drafts" folder actually points to the folder you intend to and not to your Inbox. That's a frequent misconfiguration prompting this issue. If it doesn't resolve your problem, please start a new thread.

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