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I am assuming that TB does SMTP before POP but would like to get this confirmed. The reason is that some/many ISP's or email hosting companies use POP before SMTP to authenticate SMTP and this does not work in TB 0.5 for me. Outlook provides an option to send before checking, does TB?




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SMTP is sending mail, POP is receiving it. Exactly what do you mean by 'TB does SMTP before POP'?
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If the email client does POP before SMTP then it authenticates you with the SMTP server as well. THis allows you to send using the SMTP server. For example, in the UK I use NTL Cable at home. I use their POP and SMTP servers and do not need to authenticate to use the SMTP server. At work I use another POP box with NTL to receive email. However, I cannot send using the NTL SMTP server as I am not on the NTL network. IF I set Outlook to check POP first it authenticates me with the POP server and the SMTP server. Now I can send using SMTP. This option doesn't appear in TB and I assume it does SMTP then POP.


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