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Is there any way to create other Font Families in Thunderbird so that they show up in the Compose>Font Family drop down menu.

Compose a lot of HTML emails, & having a choice of families other than Helvetica, Arial would be nice.

Any help appreciated

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There are only five generic families, and Thunderbird defines three of them for you: serif, sans-serif and monospace. Adding the other two (cursive and fantasy) would require an extension.

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Sorry - should of said groups of fonts rather than families.

You can make collections of similar fonts for HTML pages, so that if the viewer doesn't have the first font then the next will display,
ie. "Frutiger, Futura, Arial, sans-serif" , "Times, Georgia, Verdana, Serif", etc.

Want to be able to make up groups of fonts like these & have them display in the font drop down menu the same way the Helvitica, Arial group is,
for writing HTML emails.

Anyone know of a way do it within Thunderbird, or an extension that does it.

Have done a search, but am reasonably new to Thunderbird & haven't found anything yet.

Any help appreciated

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old thread, but as of today I am looking for the same and could not find anything. Is there any news on this?
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