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I'd like to see the option to use mozilla to print, from the command line. Basically right now I use mozilla to convert an html page to postscript, which then gets converted to tiff using ghostview, which then gets faxed out. I do this every day. If mozilla had a command line option to print a file to postscript, I'd be set.

I've already tried htmldoc and html2ps, they don't parse the html as well as mozilla does, and I also have no control over the html source.


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I think it would be nice to access this and other functions from the command line without ever starting the
GUI. Even better: provide a ocaml/perl/python library to script Mozilla :wink:


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There are <a href="" title="Command line -print option: print the page">bug 5702</a> and <a href="" title="print to postscript from command line">bug 68721</a>

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