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Post Posted November 6th, 2002, 3:42 am

My #1 feature wish is about better tools for organizing and categorizing emails.
I am getting 20-60 emails a day, and I end up archiving anywhere from 0-20 emails
for later action, reference, or information. The current tools (folders and labels) are just
not enough for me to organize this stuff. I wish there were more labels, there were
a feature to assign arbitrary keywords to emails, there were a feature to annotate emails,
alert me to look at a email again after n days, assiciate email with todo lists, assign icons
or style to email depending on priority, interestingness, whether it is private or work,
etc. etc.
Emails should be able to belong to a set of categories. The 5 labels currently availble
are way too few and they are mutually exclusive.
I wonder which email clients there are (especially for linux) that have these features?


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Post Posted November 6th, 2002, 6:08 am

I definitely agree with Johan. While filters and labels already help out a lot, more possibilites to work with messages would be great. I feel that many of the suggestions could belong in the calendar project. Automatic reminders ("You have x messages that need your attention", listing the messages in a Popup window) at user-specified intervals would be a great start, or even better an automatic creation of a calendar entry (linked to the message(s) . Maybe special folders that collect copies of these messages, depending on their label would be a good start. Once the label has been removed, the copies should automatically be deleted (from the collector folders).

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