Native Look and Feel in Linux?

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Hey, Asa, what does that mean? (I haven't booted into Linux for several weeks.) Is Moz picking up themes from GTK or something?



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I did not know that there was such a thing as a "native Linux" look and feel. I do hope though
that it does not mean GTK widgets, because they have a surprisingly bad and unfriendly UI design.
(shuddering at the thought of the GTK filepicker). KDE is a bit better, but the main issue is
*what* could you ever call a native Linux look and feel?

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The phrase is from <a href="">Asa Dotzler's weblog</a>:
We're locked down and getting ready to branch for Mozilla 1.2. are working hard to make 1.2 the best Mozilla release yet. For all of those hundreds of thousands (millions?) of users still sitting on Mozilla 1.0.x or 1.1 this should be a release worth moving to for sure. We're gonna have some great new features like type ahead find, native look and feel for linux (already had it on windows), customizable toolbars for showing icons, text, or icons and text, improvements to tabbed browsing, keyboard navigation and much much more.
Obviously one would not want GTK widgets in KDE, or vice versa (ok, maybe if you're in RedHat Null :-) ). But the phrase is interesting to me. Guess I'd better boot into that Linux partition to find out.
(By the way, it seems the forum programmer didn't like the HTML paragraph element)

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AFAICS, in Linux the current nightlies use my GTK 1 theme's colors, and some of their pixmaps (especialy when hovering a navigation button or a personal toolbar folder bookmark).
This makes forms have a welcomed native look.
Now, if Asa's declaration means GTK2 support is going to be checked in, then hurrah!

KDE: last I checked (a week or so ago), Mozila wouldn't build anything QT, and KDE was still very user-unfriendly.

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I think he's probably just referring to current nightly support, as the blog entry is about releases.


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Well, both the latest Moz and Phoenix have GTK scrollbars and the like on my linux box. Some of the dropdowns and a few others still seem to be Mozilla specific though, so it looks like they're only partially implemented.

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