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In SeaMonkey, it's very easy to mark messages as JUNK when teaching the Junk Mail Controls what IS JUNK just by clicking on the small circle in the JUNK column. Teaching the Junk Mail Controls also requires teaching what IS NOT JUNK, which is not as easy to do, especially when you have many messages to sort between Junk and Not Junk. The easiest method I know is to right-click on the message and then also select "Mark -- As Not Junk". Can't another column be placed next to the Junk column to mark "Not Junk" messages (single-click instead of click-and-navigate-menu-and-click)? Is there an easier way?

Andy Boze

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You could just press Shift-J to mark a message Not Junk.

The way I trained SM for the Not Junk messages was to select a few dozen non-junk e-mails all at once, then press Shift-J or use the right click context menu as you described. I only had to do that a couple of times before SM had enough samples of non-junk messages.
But then again, I may be wrong.

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