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Sent out some announcements and got a few complaints about not using "Addressing To: Undisclosed Recipients" . It doesn't seem to be anywhere on Sea Monkey Mail. What advice I've found is Dated. (2008) and the one plug-in I found is too old to install. Any thing out there? It would seem to be a "no brainer", but I don't send out that many announcements. :(


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Add all of the addresses in the outgoing messages as "BCC:". See this article --

Andy Boze

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It seems to be dependent, too, on the e-mail system the recipient uses, or at least how the admins have configured the server. I noticed a while back that my bcc:ed e-mails were not being received as being addressed to "Undisclosed Recipients". I thought it was a bug in SM, but I never got around to investigating. I just have, and I've found that our corporate e-mail server (Exchange) strips out the "To:" line in the mail header when it's "undisclosed-recipients:". If I send (BCC:) myself the same e-mail to my corporate address and my Comcast address, then view the e-mails I receive in SM, on the corp account, no "To" at all; on Comast I get "To: undisclosed-recipients:;".
But then again, I may be wrong.

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