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I'd like to see the Composer Window as a separate executable, the same as Seamonkey Mail. I use Seamonkey almost exclusively for Composer, which is a surprisingly robust WYSIWYG editor, capable of handling large files (which I need in the preparation of reports related to state budgets and legislative enactments). So, my request is to make Composer a stand-alone application just like Mail.


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Moving to SeaMonkey Features.

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There is no separate application for SeaMonkey Mail & News, you are probably thinking of Thunderbird as a stand-alone mail client. While Thunderbird indeed started off as a stand-alone spin-off from the Mozilla Suite (which is now SeaMonkey), it's a self-contained application with different features by now with its own UI philosophy (following more closely Firefox). The core components are shared between SeaMonkey and Thunderbird (and Firefox as far as basic networking and layout engine are concerned).

Similarly, Composer got spun off as a stand-alone application with the Nvu project, which eventually stalled and got continued as KompoZer. A current project is BlueGriffon which you can look into as a SeaMonkey/Nvu-based stand-alone HTML editor (with additional features).

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Actually SM Mail is not a separate executable from the Browser. Composer, Mail and Browser all share the same executable. Are you actually looking for a way of launching Composer from the Windows Start menu, the same way you can launch Mail and Browser? If so, do the following.
1) Make a copy of the Mail shortcut
2) Right click on the shortcut and select Properties from the context menu
3) On the Shortcut tab, in the Target field, change -mail to -editor
4) On the General tab, change SeaMonkey Mail to SeaMonkey Composer
5) Click the OK button
FYI, you'll find a list of all command line options at
But then again, I may be wrong.

Andy Boze

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rsx11m replied while I was composing. I'll just add that either KompoZer or BlueGriffon is a better editor than SM Composer, which hasn't changed much since the last millennium. If you are used to Composer, you'll find KompoZer to be very similar, so you'll be comfortable with it. It just adds more features and is more customizable. BlueGriffon isn't all that different either, but it adds support for current HTML5 and CSS3.
But then again, I may be wrong.

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