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Post Posted September 27th, 2013, 11:34 am

I am using Windows. SeaMonkey, at least for Windows, has been improved with a new notification window that shows how many messages have been downloaded and a few of the recent messages. I assume you are familiar with that. There are a couple of design problems with it.

One problem is that when I manually download an account and then download a different account, the notification of the new account is lost. I can click the close button of the notification window before downloading another account but I think it is more logical for the new information to replace the prior information. I hope that is clear.

Another problem is that when all downloaded messages get moved to folders by filters then there is no notification shown. I can understand that it is not clear what to show in terms of the top few messages but it would help me to unconditionally have the count of all messages downloaded, even spam.

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