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One of the folks on the FF forum recommended SM for me as I was in a really ofd version of FF and do not like the newer versions of FF. SM is great and is like using the older FF except the security is up to date! I only hit one snag - Pdfit is not available for SM that I can find and I use it all the time, especially when ordering online. It is so easy to right click and send 1 or multiple web pages to a pdf file. Does anyone know if there is anything similar for SM as an addon?

Also is there any way to import your tabs from FF into SM?


Andy Boze

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I've never used it, but you could try Fireshot. I use PDFCreator. It's not a browser extension; it works like a printer driver that outputs to PDF instead of a printer.

Addendum: I just installed Fireshot out of curiosity. Looks nice, but the downside, for me, is that it captures the Web page as an image. I'll continue to use PDF Creator, which saves the textual content of the Web page as text.
But then again, I may be wrong.


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pdfit 1.15 modified to install & (kind of) work in SeaMonkey.

Saving to PDF is working (but not to an image?), ... sp=sharing
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