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Seamonkey has the very useful option to disable the ability for documents (websites) to use other fonts.

This is extremely useful as most websites use fonts that are hard to read or are just plain ugly.

Unfortunately, the choice is binary. Either all fonts are determined by the website or none.

There is an increasing amount of websites that use particular special fonts to display little icons or navigational arrows, etc. Previously small images were used but now that characters from certain fonts are used, one loses a big part of the interface if one does not allow the document to use other fonts. Instead of seeing meaningful icons/mini-graphics one only sees a rectangle with what appears to be a hex code in it. I guess this is what the character looks like in my standard font (Arial).

Would it be possible to have a list of fonts that the document may use (so that the interface is still shown as intended) but to forbid the document to make use of any other (say ComicSans, so that one can still read text properly)?

This feature would be a godsend. Ideally there would be a pre-populated list of special fonts whose characters are predominantly used for interface construction and/or a way to find out which font one needs to add to the allowed fonts.

P.S.: Of course Firefox should support this too.


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See, browser. display. use_document_fonts.

Pretty sure NoScript blocks fonts by default too.
Why NoScript Blocks Web Fonts
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