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Post Posted May 25th, 2015, 7:12 pm

leishirsute wrote:It would be great if the password manager in Seamonkey would allow passwords to be saved for more than just sites that have been visited.

How is that a problem? Just visit the site and store the password... done.

leishirsute wrote:There are times when Seamonkey does not request a password be saved when visiting a page and performing a login.

For banks and other extremely important sites, password storage is disabled at the request of the site to prevent exactly the situation you have been talking about of someone just sitting at your computer and opening the browser and boom they are in your bank account.

leishirsute wrote:From other posts I've read, the solution given to protect profile data is primarily to rely on the Windows login password.

And what's wrong with that? Store the passwords you can't remember in a password-protected file and you are done. If someone is willing/able to defeat Windows encryption then you have worse problems than what you are talking about.

leishirsute wrote:By the way, the places.sqlite file is not encrypted and is in text format.

No it isn't. It's a binary format... and like all binary format files it can include sections of plain text... specifically in the descriptions... which is why you shouldn't attempt to use it for storing passwords in the descriptions.
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Thanks for correcting. I see that it is binary format. I now use cygwin commands to encrypt the descriptions. It is easier for me to have only the bookmarks to maintain a list of website and password or security question answers besides an additional bookmarks list.

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It's cool you have a system that works for you, as long as you understand that the easy solution and the secure solution usually aren't the same thing.

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