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simple user question:

using gmail (pop) thru sea monkey client. using plenty of filters to folders. here's the question: where do the just-read messages in my inbox go after reading. i'm not archiving by default (or am i?), i can't find the mail when i search by subject. where do they go? the message is still on the gmail server, but i'd rather manage on the sea monkey client.

is there some setting i'm missing? some viewing option to set? some filter for previously read messages?

the top-down approach of the help messages isn't amenable to a query, and i've searched this forum. for email inbox, ...etc.



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It sounds like you may have set View -> Messages to Unread. Try changing it to All. In the unread view, after a delay or when you switch folders, messages that were unread and then marked as read will no longer show in the view.
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