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Post Posted September 16th, 2015, 12:38 am


i did not want to report it as a bug because it could be fixe just with a new option.

i wanted to save a page only with the html content, so i chose "save page as" then "web page html only" in the type select box.

But the file recorded contains javascript content into the html file.

with a feature name "html only", i would expect from seamonkey it could only save a file with html (and css element) but not javascript part in it.

so, it would be userful to have another option to excluse any javascript content from a save page when you chose "html only".

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You may be able to use Mozilla Archive Format to achieve this? Snapshot save as MAFF can strips out JS (I think that is the default but not sure). The maff file is just a .zip file so it's fairly simple to extract everything if you want.
(I don't know what the result would be in terms of viewability though as I don't recall ever needing to do that...)


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Is inline styling HTML or CSS?

You also might want to have that ripped out, so your saved page only has the HTML content.
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Post Posted September 29th, 2015, 11:44 pm

And attributes like onclick and so on? Would those have to be filtered out too?
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Why would you expect this feature to strip out the JS and CSS that's inline in the HTML file? That would be very strange. The options work like this:

- Save Page As > Web page complete = Creates a local folder containing all of the resource files such as external .CSS, .JS, and image files. It also saves a version of the HTML file that is edited with all of the links to the resource files rerouted to that local folder.

- Save Page As > Web page HTML only = Saves the original HTML file exactly as it is loaded from the server. External resources are not saved.

The purpose of that option is so you can get the original file that is not edited, not to parse out anything that isn't strictly HTML code. If you want to extract just the HTML related to a section of a website, highlight that area > right click selection > View Selection Source > right click the selection in the Viewer > Copy. Then Paste into Notepad or whatever.
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Try Scrapbook mod for SM
https: www

Fx and SM developers don't save pages and don't pay attention to Save page As function. *i think
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