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I'm transitioning from Mac to Linux. I initially created my website,, on iWeb; I dwnloaded it from the server onto my Linux computer (running Mint Rebecca) and am trying to update it now using Seamonkey Composer. This is easy to do for pages containing a lot of text and a few images. But for some pages I'd like to have a large number of images. If I drag and drop images into a Composer page I am not very able to move them manually around the page. If I use Insert Image I can choose wrap location and then, to some degree, move the image around manually; however, I can't overlap photos, or even have horizontal rows of images with uneven top and bottom alignment. Drag and drop allows for overlap--indeed, it's hard to get things to stop overlapping. Is there any way of handling images that allows both free movement and overlap? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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