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When I try to send an email from one of my gmail accounts with the Mail Module of Seamonkey, I have this error message :
" Alert
An error occured when sending email.The mail server answered : Requested action not taken : mailbox unavailable. Sender adress is not allowed.
Please check the email adress in the settings of the account is correct and try again."

The mail I tried to send appears in the Sent folder in the gmail / sender account. It doesn't appear in the incoming mails of the email account to which they were sent.

The setup for both my gmail accounts are : STARTTLS 587.

I don't know (yet) where the problem comes from : is that something in my gmail accounts or in Seamonkey?
With other email clients, I can send emails with these gmail accounts.

Hoping someone can help,


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Do you have the full Gmail address entered as the user name in the SMTP settings for the problem account?

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