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Post Posted November 9th, 2002, 1:41 am

I have several folders on my personal toolbar. When I click on one folder and move my mouse over to the next folder (to the left or right), the default behavior should be so that that folder opens up...the same way when you click the File menu and move over to the edit, the edit menu opens up without you having to click 2 times to make the switch.

I noticed that the multizilla extension useses this behavior. I think that is trhe standars behavior unless u use Motif style...which sucks need to click a million times.

Is this something that is being worked on?


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Post Posted November 12th, 2002, 7:41 am

Hi mozDude,

this is bug number 24690 in Bugzilla. See "Personal Toolbar: Two clicks needed to bring up new folder".

It has been opened on 2000-01-21 (that's one and half a year ago!) and I think that it's a shame it hasn't been fixed yet!

But I guess there are only so much things you can do during one day... *sigh* So perhaps there is some movement now that MultiZilla has a fix for it.

bye, daniel :-)
Daniel Bachran

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