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My personal toolbar has my fav sites on it, all the links have no text, its just the icon. I know what each sites icon is and crap and generaly where it is by now, but every time I reboot (or just restart phoenix i guess but I don't close it much) all the icons in the personal toolbar are the default icon until i visit that site.

It'd be nice if all the icons would be saved for allthe bookmarks.


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I dont know what the mechanism is now to remove site icons from the cache, but obviously the normal caching algorithm is not optimal here: site icons of sites that are in the bookmarks or toolbars should never get removed from the cache - only if the corresponding url is removed, they can be marked removable.
There is a related bug 116832 but it does not seem to address that issue in this way (instead there is a proposal to refetch the icons if they are not longer in the cache at startup, which I find unnecessary and inelegant and probably performance-degrading).

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This bug is annoying me, too...some icons are saved, others not.. very strange!
The icons should only be changed if the browser detects that the site icon doesn't correspond the icon in cache.

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