Assign keyboard HTML expansion macros for TEXTAREA ctrls?

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I do a lot of web log post writing using MovableType. It uses an HTML TEXTAREA control where one writes a the body for a post. Is there any way to define keyboard macros in Mozilla to expand into pieces of HTML in the TEXTAREA? In particular I'd love to have such things as pairs of opening and closing BLOCKQUOTE tags as <BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE> and even <BLOCKQUOTE><P></P></BLOCKQUOTE> and of course <A HREF=""></A> would be great.

With I, B, P BLOCKQUOTE and a few other common tag pairs I'd like to be able to select a piece of text and then apply the pairs around it. It would still show the HTML as plaintext once the HTML was inserted.

I'd also like the past operation to place the cursor at a particular place in the pasted in text. So for instance with the A HREF case I'd want the cursor to be in between the double quotes of the HREF="". That way one could hit the macro insert and then type in or paste in the URL starting in the very next keystroke.

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