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I´ve got lots of sites which can´t set cookies, and less than 5 sites which always can set cookies. Sometimes I´m forced to temporarily unblock a site. If I want to see, which sites are allowed to set cookies, I´m forced to scroll through myriads of lines, mostly: cannot set cookies.
I´m not interested to see which site can´t set cookies, I´m interested to see which sites have been allowed to do so.
If I suspect a site wants a cookie, but I had denied it some time before,
I can see in Tools/Cookie Mgr/ Unblock Cookies from this site.
But there is no reason to suspect there might be the entry
Tools/Cookie Mgr/ Block Cookies from this site,
if a site can set cookies, you don´t notice it, if they don´t use them for personalizing the website for you.

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