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I need Netscape 7 for my companies AOL email account, but I Ilike mozilla for pop up control. With out using separate
users is it possible to separate the configuration information. I've tried installing to different user folders under each
appilication which doesn't work. I'm locked into using the same themes, bookmarks, sidebar, and stuff. I can't have both
open at the same time either.

Has anyone heard of a way to make this work? (Single user, Separate Configs for Net7 & Moz.)
Has anyone heard of suport in Moz for AOL Mail ?or
Has anyone heard of support in Netscape7 for Pop up control?

Thanx for your input, Sc0tt777


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I assume you're talking about different users on the OS level. It should work for one user if you create different profiles. Open the profile manager in each application (commandline argument -ProfileManager). After creating the profiles you can start each app with "-P <profilename>" to avoid being asked everytime.

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Although I was talking about different profiles not OS users, oops!, this tip work great for what I'm trying to do.
Thanx So Much, Sc0tt777

Rick Bull

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You know you can restore the pop-up control to Netscape 7.0. I'll try to find the link and edit this post with it.

Here it is (courtesy of a link from this site!): - just run it from NS 7.0, and you should be able to block pop-ups again.

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