Emails and Bookmarks gone! (Linux)

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Post Posted September 23rd, 2021, 4:17 pm

Woke up this morning. Went to check my emails. It was blank, asking me to create new accounts. Seamonkey had no bookmarks or address book. Profile looked normal except for a few extra files compared to a backup copy.
No way to import backup copy.
I copied a backup copy of my profile into current profile directory and everything seems to work.

What happened overnight?

Kubuntu 18.04
Seamonkey 2.53.9

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Post Posted September 23rd, 2021, 10:28 pm

If it happens again I would diff the files against your backup to discover which file was hosed.

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Post Posted September 23rd, 2021, 11:16 pm

Thanks for the reply. A diff was the first thing I did. Here was the result of the main profiles.
dmsq2cuf.jeff-new is the profile in use when this happened this morning. I added the '-new'.
dmsq2cuf.jeff is the profile from my backup

I can't imagine what would cause it to look like I just installed a fresh version of Seamonkey. Please let me know if I should be looking at something further down.

Code: Select all
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/abook.mab and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/abook.mab differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/addons.json and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/addons.json differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/addonStartup.json.lz4 and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/addonStartup.json.lz4 differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/AlternateServices.txt and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/AlternateServices.txt differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/cert8.db and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/cert8.db differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/cert9.db and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/cert9.db differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/compatibility.ini and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/compatibility.ini differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/content-prefs.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/content-prefs.sqlite differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/cookies.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/cookies.sqlite differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/cookies.sqlite.bak and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/cookies.sqlite.bak differ
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: cookies.sqlite-shm
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: cookies.sqlite-wal
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: directoryTree-1.json
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/extensions.json and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/extensions.json differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/favicons.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/favicons.sqlite differ
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: favicons.sqlite-shm
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: favicons.sqlite-wal
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: folderTree-1.json
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: folderTree-2.json
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/formhistory.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/formhistory.sqlite differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/history.mab and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/history.mab differ
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff-new: Invalidprefs.js
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: lock
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/logins.json and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/logins.json differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/panacea.dat and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/panacea.dat differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/panels.rdf and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/panels.rdf differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/permissions.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/permissions.sqlite differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/places.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/places.sqlite differ
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: places.sqlite-shm
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: places.sqlite-wal
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/prefs.js and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/prefs.js differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/search.json.mozlz4 and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/search.json.mozlz4 differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/sessionCheckpoints.json and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/sessionCheckpoints.json differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/sessionstore.bak and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/sessionstore.bak differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/sessionstore.json and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/sessionstore.json differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/SiteSecurityServiceState.txt and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/SiteSecurityServiceState.txt differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/Telemetry.ShutdownTime.txt and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/Telemetry.ShutdownTime.txt differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/training.dat and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/training.dat differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/urlbarhistory.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/urlbarhistory.sqlite differ
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/webappsstore.sqlite and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/webappsstore.sqlite differ
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: webappsstore.sqlite-shm
Only in dmsq2cuf.jeff: webappsstore.sqlite-wal
Files dmsq2cuf.jeff/xulstore.json and dmsq2cuf.jeff-new/xulstore.json differ

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