any ideas why my email is suddenly disapprearing ?

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Post Posted March 28th, 2023, 8:23 pm

Ok I have 3 email accounts through comast, worked fine for years and all the sudden, email on one of them disappears all by itself. The emails show up, if I go into that account then go to another, thye just up and disappear. Not into trash, not into junk, they just vanish. I can click on them and read them, but as soon as I leave that account they are gone. If its something important then I have to specifically save it. I haven't changed anything but I checked settings anyhow, I have it set as always to leave email on server until I delete them, don't even run junk controls on this account, and in disc space, I have "don't delete anything" checked. No viruses or malware turn up, and this randomly started about a week ago. My other email accounts so far are normal, though on one of them all my messages vanished, some there for years, but since then it has been normal.


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Post Posted March 29th, 2023, 4:34 am

I have it set as always to leave email on server until I delete them,

From that statement it appears that this issue is with a POP type account. Please confirm that that is true. Check using menu path Tools->Account Settings->Server Settings->Server Type at the top right of the dialogue.
If that is the case, there may be file corruption in either the message file itself, the message summary file used by Thunderbird to enhance performance, or both. Use the following procedure on the inbox file associated with that particular account:

First, backup your Profile ( )

Create a new sub-folder under Local Folders. Move all of the messages currently in your Inbox to that new subfolder.

Confirm that you have made the recommended backup of your Profile.

Close Thunderbird and navigate to the \Mail sub-folder of your Profile folder. Delete both the file Inbox.msf and the file Inbox with no extension.

Restart Thunderbird and you should find a new, empty Inbox folder in place. Copy any messages you MUST have in your Inbox from the sub-folder created above to the Inbox. Compact the Inbox after those messages are copied in.

The "Real Fix" entry in this article -- also describes this process.

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