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I was told I should use SeaMonkey to repair a website page that I cannot fix any other way. I downloaded SeaMonkey I need to know where to start. Can I get some help please ? :oops:


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Moving to SM Support...
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Perhaps a URL to the page in question?
SeaMonkey has Composer (an HTML editor) built in, but you still need to know what your problem is & have some idea as to how to go about fixing it.
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I'll try to explain the best I can with my little knowledge. The page I need to work on is homepage. I need to remove some of the banners because they are using to much file space on Hostgator cpanel.
I cannot fix the problem ( base64) on Hostgator because I used over the limit of allotted space which is one megabyte ( No valid file selected. The file must be HTML and end in .htm or .html. The file must also not be larger than one megabyte. You also can not edit directories..) is the message I get. I tried my FTP to no avail. So, Hostgator techs said to try SeaMonkey.


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I'm running a 64-bit Linux Seamonkey-2.10 from the Seamonkey Project.
Probably, the windows installer will give you the same menu option, just so long as you don't choose to exclude the Composer module, in case that's an option.


That selection will open the page in Composer, in case that helps you.

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Okay thanks. I got the issue resolved.


Post Posted June 27th, 2012, 6:11 am

I have a similar problem. I downloaded SeaMonkey and accessed my web page. I can make the changes no problem, but I can't figure out how to post them (i.e., make them appear on the website) when I am done (mainly I don't know what to put in when it asks for my FTP site.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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