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Post Posted August 15th, 2016, 12:06 am

I think the important question is not what files are created where but whether it works. I say it does: profile data is saved where specified by the -profile for future use. I don't think the creation of some nonessential files or folders in %USERPROFILE% may cause problems - this folder should be writeable, still it is not neat. Someone might want to file a bug or something.


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No, the important question is what your expectations of "portable" is?

If "portable" only so that you can run more then one instance, or to test out other versions, then IMO, "portableapps" is not necessary. Might make it easier for some, but not necessary. As far as some "ancillary" directories being created, right, that's no big deal.

If "portable" in that you do not affect the Windows Registry, or "portable" as in easily transportable via USB Flash drive, or whatever else that a "portableapps" application might specifically do, then "portableapps" would be the route to take.
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Neither definition is perfect. As I see it, portable application should be capable of running from external storage on any computer with the same settings and data without requiring privileged access rights. The requirement of not modifying anything on the host computer is not relevant, in fact, I would prefer portable application to keep non-essential temporary and cache files there: it will improve performance, save space and, if the external storage is a USB flash drive - extend its life as they seldom support write levelling.

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