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Post Posted August 23rd, 2016, 12:56 pm

A friend was having trouble with his computer, so we set up a "temporary" email account on my computer -- alongside my own SeaMonkey email accounts -- for him to receive emails. He's back to using his own computer for emails, and I've emptied the folders associated with his account on my computer, but I haven't been able to delete his account, or even the folders (Inbox and Trash are the only ones). The "Edit" menu shows a "Delete Folders" option, but it's greyed out, and neither it nor the Delete key has any effect.

I've seen a couple of posts in other threads that mention "Delete Account" in passing, but so far I haven't been able to find such a command/option anywhere in SeaMonkey. Please tell me there's a simple way to delete an account and tell me where to find it.

I'm using SeaMonkey 2.40 under Windows 8.0.

Thanks in advance.

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Post Posted August 23rd, 2016, 1:13 pm

Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Settings, select the account and click "Remove Account"

Emails still need manually deleted from the profile folder though. There is a single directory containing all of the account's mail and folders. If the account is POP, you will see this folder in the Mail sub-directory. If IMAP then look in ImapMail for the folder and its corresponding .msf file
(Completely quit SeaMonkey before moving or deleting stuff inside the profile folder. Otherwise the profile is very likely to get corrupted.)
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Very strange. After posting the following -- which should now be ignored -- I reopened the "...Account Settings" and there was "Remove Account" in plain sight. Don't understand how I could have overlooked it before, but that does seem to make more sense than believing that it wasn't there and suddenly was.


------------ the below is what I had posted that I now see is wrong ------------------
1) Unfortunately, I cannot find any "Remove Account", not anywhere, so I can't click on it. No such text appears when I'm in "Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings", nor anywhere else that I can find.

2) But you seem to be telling me that even if I could "Remove Account", it wouldn't really be entirely removed, and that there's no way to do so from within SeaMonkey, but that I would have to manually edit my raw profile folders/files to complete the job. Is that true? That doesn't sound very user friendly. In fact, it sounds downright dangerous.

And FWIW, any associated directories and files seem to have disappeared from my profile, without any "manual" intervention.

Thanks for the advice, and also to the programmers who are responsible for making it work.

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