Publish fails with 2.40, worked with 2.33.1 (Linux)

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I upgraded from Linux/x86_64 2.33.1 to 2.40, and the publish feature in composer seems broken. It sometimes does push a page change, sometimes not, but always seems to hang and indicate it's not complete. (Dialog says "Publishing...", and never says "Publishing Completed").

Reverting back to 2.33.1 fixes the issue.
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This was a problem in refactored Mozilla Gecko code. Can't find the thread here yet. Its fixed in 2.46 which will be released soon.

You can try Adrians latest 2.46 until the official release arrives: ... e-linux32/ ... e-linux64/

The first en_US more or less official candidate builds for Linux and macOS are also there and might be usable: ... 686/en-US/ ... _64/en-US/ ... mac/en-US/

But the build process is still half broken and these are not final versions.

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