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An elderly relative uses MacOSX at the moment and we have set up Mail to open images in iPhoto. This means that the images are always saved to the hard drive and accessible through iPhoto. The images in iPhoto are then also used as backdrops with the backdrop image changing ever fifteen minutes or so. The elderly relative is pleased by this and enjoys the carousel of images that pass through their computing day. I am now trying to create this behaviour with the SeaMonkey Email client under LinuxMint 18.1 xfce.

At the moment I have set SeaMonkey to download the image and open them in Pix but the images are being downloaded to the tmp folder which I presume is "works as designed" but not terribly helpful. I haven't found a way to change that as yet so that these pictures end up in "Pictures". This then means I have to do a "Save as" to get the pictures saved from Pix to the Pictures folder on the hard drive.

I realise that the solution might lie with Pix or another image viewer or tweaking in Linux but is there anything I could try with SeaMonkey to get this to work?

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