SMTP with Office 365 not working

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Post Posted March 5th, 2017, 4:56 pm

Probably not the best subject line, but... I am attempting to switch my outgoing (SMTP) server for use with Office 365.

I am a very long-time user of SeaMonkey email, and have had a number of email providers, so I shouldn't be seeing noob-level troubles... or so I would have thought. ](*,)

EDIT: nothing to see here, move along. 8-)

Slightly longer version, in case it helps someone later: perhaps I have been using this too long, in any case, I fell prey to the "Set Default" button on the Outgoing Server (SMTP) page... of course this doesn't actually cause what one might think would happen to happen - you still need to explicitly select the new SMTP server entry in the top-level "Email Account" settings - or make sure the Account-level setting selects the "Default" SMTP server. Sigh.

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