I can't read my yahoo on the email addon of Seamonkey

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I currently have a problem on Seamonkey with my two yahoo email accounts.

I want to access my emails with the "mail and groups" feature in Seamonkey.

1. For one of them, Seamonkey cannot remember the password. I have to enter password every time I want to access my emails on this yahoo account. I don't know why Seamonkey doesn't remember the password for more than a session, while it can remember my password of gmail, gmx or zoho email accounts. That is a pity.

2. If I try to access my other yahoo email account in Seamonkey (in "mail and groups"), I have this answer: "Failure to send th password for user. The mail server answered: Servor error. Please try later".

I don't know what causes these errors, in failing to remember the password, or in the failure to access the mail server.

I have as only choice to access them via webmail, which I find less practical.

Please note that there was a time when these two email accounts were easily accessible on Seamonkey - Mail and groups. I don't know what changed. Thank you if you have read this message and can help me.


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1. Remove the password for the one Yahoo account, close and restart SeaMonkey. That's menu path Tools->Password Manager-> Managed stored passwords->select the entry for that Yahoo account and click the "Remove" button. Close and restart SeaMonkey to ensure that the previously stored password is removed from memory.
2. How is that second Yahoo account set up in SeaMonkey, as a POP or IMAP type account?

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