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I'm using W7-pro. Version 2.46 of SeaMonkey. This appears to have started after all the updating for the malware attack but can't be sure. When I attempt to download my email to SeaMonkey, I press the GET MSGS. I get the message "Host contacted, sending login information" Hangs for several minutes, then the message just drops off. No error message. No any messages. But no email either. Email is which is (unfortunately) now a Yahoo email.


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What security software are you running on that machine?

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I'm having the same problem. I'm using W7-pro latest updated version. This appeared on May 5th and nothing I've done seems to work.
I've been using SeaMonkey and the Mail & Newsgroup part for many years. It is solely used to offload my Yahoo email to my desktop.
When I click on "Get Msgs" a message pops up at the bottom "Host contacted, sending login information" which is then followed by a line that
says: "Downloading messages 1 to 445" which hangs there for several minutes and clears with nothing downloaded.

Looking through my Control Panel history of software installs I see that I installed "Private Internet Access (PIA)" on May 5th. I've tried exiting the PIA and that did not fix the problem. I've gone to the Network and Sharing Center / Change Adapter Settings and disabled Local Area Connection 2 (TAP-Windows Adapter V9) {{ which is used by PIA}} and still the Get Msgs does the same as stated help.
No error messages nor is there any message saying why noting happened within the Mail & Newsgroup application.
Email is at

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I have the same problem.

I'm using Seamonkey 2.46 and hmailserver 5.56 at win10
I got the message, that mail (1 of ...) would be downloaded, this tooks about a minute, then nothing happens...
the Version 2.46 has been installed at 24.Dec 2016 - Nothing changed in between

I have reinstalled Seamonkey 2.46 - nothing changed
I have upgraded hmailserver - nothing changed
when i use Win10-Mail all mails will be downloaded

There is a log from my mailserver:

"TCPIP" 3968 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.314" "TCP - nn.nn.nn.nn connected to"
"DEBUG" 3968 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.314" "TCP connection started for session 63"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.314" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK POP3"
"POP3D" 5268 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.376" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: CAPA"
"POP3D" 5268 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.376" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK CAPA list follows[nl]USER[nl]UIDL[nl]TOP[nl]."
"POP3D" 3136 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.454" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: USER"
"POP3D" 3136 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.454" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK Send your password"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.516" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: PASS ***"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.532" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK Mailbox locked and ready"
"POP3D" 5268 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.594" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: STAT"
"POP3D" 5268 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.594" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK 3 66451"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.657" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: LIST"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.657" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK 3 messages (66451 octets)"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.657" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: 1 1760[nl]2 3566[nl]3 61125[nl]."
"POP3D" 3136 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.844" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: UIDL"
"POP3D" 3136 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.844" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK 3 messages (66451 octets)[nl]1 14745[nl]2 14746[nl]3 14747[nl]."
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.906" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: LIST 1"
"POP3D" 3968 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.922" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: +OK 1 1760"
"POP3D" 5268 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.984" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "RECEIVED: RETR 1"
"POP3D" 5268 63 "2017-05-29 14:39:22.984" "nn.nn.nn.nn" "SENT: ."
"DEBUG" 3136 "2017-05-29 14:39:53.155" "The read operation failed. Bytes transferred: 0 Remote IP: nn.nn.nn.nn, Session: 63, Code: 2, Message: End of file"
"DEBUG" 3136 "2017-05-29 14:39:53.155" "Ending session 63"

"application": {
"name": "SeaMonkey",
"osVersion": "Windows_NT 10.0",
"version": "2.46",
"buildID": "20161213183751",
"userAgent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0 SeaMonkey/2.46",
"safeMode": false,
"updateChannel": "release",
"supportURL": "",
"numTotalWindows": 1,
"numRemoteWindows": 0,
"remoteAutoStart": false,
"autoStartStatus": 2
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Log onto that account using a browser and delete the oldest message not yet downloaded to SeaMonkey. Sometimes a message with a malformed header can block its own receipt and that of the messages following it on the server.

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