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Post Posted August 10th, 2017, 3:00 pm

Using SeaMonkey 2.46

I've used SeaMonkey for years to create lots of webpages for myself and family members using the "Edit Page" feature in the browser. I'd put the .html code and all the images used by it into one file which I'd upload to my server space under the name of the webpage I'd created.

I was making some changes to a page today and was surprised to see that a new folder named "index_files" had been created and all the images in the page I was working on had gotten got copied to it.

Until I uploaded that "index_files" folder to my server in the same location as the html "index" page I had worked on none of the images showed, just their outlines.

Why did this suddenly happen for the first tme? And, should I start using that "index_files" feature on all the web pages I make?

Can I now remove the images which now are in the folder "index_files" from the html web page to save space on the server?

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