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Wow, it's been years ago that I used Seamonkey. I'm having trouble getting my lavabit email account set up and I think some of the terminology might be throwing me off. I have gotten lavabit set up on other devices but hit a wall on laptop/seamonkey. I did get it running on laptop/Thunderbird so I'm confused. I'm going to use imap instead of POP. Obviously my email address for lavabit, my lavabit password. smtp for outgoing server. imap for incoming server.

Seamonkey set up,
1. Your Name
2. Email address
3. select imap
4. incoming server, here's where I might be getting confused, or
5. user name, I might be confused here too, All I have is email address?


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IIRC, for a lot of providers, your username is your email address.
For the server I would try them both and see which works.


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Tip: Don't click on the Lavabit link in the link therube posted. It leads to a 404 Page Not Found error.

Now, here is what I do.

Since SeaMonkey doesn't access the ISP Database like Thunderbird.

I open the accounts Server settings in Thunderbird.

Start creating the account in SeaMonkey and enter the information that is in Thunderbird. Do the same for the Outgoing Server.
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