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Post Posted August 23rd, 2017, 10:12 am

I've been saving the web pages which show my web site statistics every day for about 16 years. On the 15th of August, something changed. I didn't notice it until I had reason to check some past statistics. When I accessed the saved web page, I got unformatted, unreadable garbage. It looks like this:

--------start sample ----
Usage Statistics for *Summary Period: August 2017 Generated 18-Aug-2017 07:15 CDT * ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Daily Statistics] <#DAYSTATS> [Hourly Statistics] <#HOURSTATS> [URLs] <#TOPURLS> [Entry] <#TOPENTRY> [Exit] <#TOPEXIT> [Sites] <#TOPSITES> [Referrers] <#TOPREFS> [Search] <#TOPSEARCH> [Agents] <#TOPAGENTS> [Countries] <#TOPCTRYS> Monthly Statistics for August 2017 Total Hits *7173* Total Files *4615* Total Pages *3198* Total Visits *2384* Total KBytes *982141* Total Unique Sites *1973* Total Unique URLs *129* Total Unique Referrers *194* Total Unique User Agents *345* . Avg Max Hits per Hour *16* *244* Hits per Day *398* *796* Files per Day *256* *330* Pages per Day *177* *234* Sites per Day *109* *194* Visits per Day *132* *170* KBytes per Day *54563* *78091* Hits ....
-------- end sample ---

Today, I tried using Firefox to get my statistics. It worked fine. But I notice the file is an .htm file, not an html file that SeaMonkey saves. And, Firefox asks if you want to save everything or just the page (i.e, do you also want to save illustrations in a folder). If you respond that you want to save the whole web page, you get what I was getting with SeaMonkey prior to August 15.

Am I the only one who had this problem? Does Sea Monkey have a fix? I can see now that it just saves the text and no longer creates a folder with the illustrations.



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Post Posted August 23rd, 2017, 10:50 am

Your webpage itself saves just fine.

When you save, you have options; Web Page Complete, Web Page HTML only, or Text.
What you get depends on how you save.

What generates your Usage Statistics?
I'd guess that whatever does that is what changed?
(Or are you using Text {above}.)
Maybe that is not being saved as html but instead in some other format?

(I wanted to comment on your comments on Person-A vs Person-B, but I feel it will just turn into an argument - which I would win, of course ;-).)
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Post Posted August 23rd, 2017, 12:07 pm

Okay, I see what's happening. I've been doing the same thing for 16 years, but somehow on the 15th the "Save Page as" option in the File function in SeaMonkey's browser changed from "web page complete" to "web page html." OR someone else changed something. Or I mistakenly did something to change it.

Anyway, the problem is fixed.


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