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Best I can tell SeaMonkey doesn't know what to do with PHP pages. If you simply open the page and publish it all PHP code gets stripped out. Unless I'm missing something this is a show stopper.

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Composer was never designed to edit PHP, only HTML. It really only works for static pages (or maybe pages with some JavaScript.)

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Based on comments I've read in the past, I believe the Composer code is a bit of a mess, so it hasn't really been updated since before the old Mozilla Suite became SeaMonkey many years ago. Given the many new web technologies that have come along since, it is probably only useful for very basic web pages today. And with a limited number of volunteers working on the SeaMonkey project now, I doubt there will be any major updates soon.

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datajunky wrote:Unless I'm missing something this is a show stopper.

If someone has a show worth stopping then they would already know why SeaMonkey's Composer is not going to do that for them -
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