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ich use seamonkey for many years - actual the version 2.46. My OS is Linux Opensuse Leap 42.2

Since some weeks, the is no yt-Downloader running. When i try to install another one, there ist always the message: not for your Version of Seamonkey?

Are there any hints to fix this Problem?



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URL to "yt-Downloader" ?

Does the extension show in about:addons?
If so, is it enabled?

Though not running, is the extension itself still in your /extensions/ directory?
(about:support -> Extensions can give you a mapping of the "GUID" name to the readable name.)
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Which extension as there are a num,ber of ones that show up in searching for say Youtube and downloader at

Also keep in mind the 2.46 is a older version as current Release is actually SM 2.48 as you can see on so the version of the extension that is being served for download with green button may be for 2.48 and later and not say 2.46. You can scroll down the page for the Extension and click on Version Information and then See complete version history link to see older versions of the Extension.

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