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Post Posted November 22nd, 2017, 10:06 am

First of all, sorry about the bit confusing title, didn't know how else compress it to a one sentence.

So! I am browsing with the "cookie acceptance policy" set to "block cookies", and I enable the "set cookies" permission per domain when needed to "allow". Does this mean that possible third-party cookies get permission too or are they already blocked due to opting for the harder rule?

If the "set cookies" permission overrides the setting to allow all cookies, could it be possible to have a new pref which would default to blocking first-party cookies as well as third-party cookies and a per-domain permission to enable only first-party cookies?

Also not sure if this is actually a "support" question instead of a "general" one.

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You can check your cookies to see what you have by opening the data manager and choosing "Cookies Only" from the menu.

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