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I am trying to set up a SEA MONKEY account to use with OPEN OFFICE. OO needs a client yo use for email. The issue is that I screwed up the GMAIL server names/ports so the created account does not work despite the display of the compose form. How do I either DELETE my account so I can do it again, or simply edit the server names? I CANNOT find a way to delete the account in version In the al ternative how would I download TBIRD and associate it with OO? TBIRD would need to be in the default programs list in order to make the association. I NEED help in solving this. In the alternative I am opening GMAIL and attaching the OO document. Not conveinent. Solutions please. Thanks.


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You can edit the account setting in SeaMonkey using menu path Window->Mail & Newsgroups) [or press Ctrl+2]->Edit->Mail & Newsgroup Settings->Server Settings (for the Gmail account) and then edit the values in the right side of the dialogue.

You can use the same initial menu path to remove the account. After "Edit->Mail & Newsgroup Settings->" there will be a "Remove Account" button at the bottom of the left side of the dialogue displayed.

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