Can't get SeaMonkey 2.49.2 to launch email links through FF

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I'm running SeaMonkey as my email client but prefer FireFox for browsing. A couple of months ago I somehow (by googling) managed to tell SeaMonkey to open all links within SeaMonkey email through the FireFox browser. Worked beautifully for a month. Then after I recently rebooted my computer I mysteriously lost that ability. Now, I can't find again where I had gone to set that "command".

In researching, I see plenty about setting external http and https and ftp handlers to "true" in about:config, which I have done. Other folks suggest going to "options" / preferences / attachments and changing the default browser to FireFox. There is no "options" menu in SeaMonkey, only a preferences. No "attachment" setting either. Otherwise, yes, I have gone into "options" in FireFox and designated it as the default browser.

Can someone please assist me with this as opposed to offering a solution that doesn't exist (such as "options" in SeaMonkey)?

Thanks in advance folks!


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The likely issue is not within SeaMonkey but in Windows. When you click on a link in an email it sends a call to the operating system to launch the default browser. See this link to set the default browser --

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