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I use SeaMonkey to create HTML pages for use on Ebay. After I've completed the page, I copy the source to the Ebay selling page. When I go to preview the listing, I have word run-ons like this:

productdocumentation instead of product documentation
greatvalue for great value.

The problem seems to be caused by words at the end of a line that wraps to the next word on a new line. In the above examples, "product" and "great" would end a line before it wraps and "documentation" and "value" are the words at the beginning of the next line.

The page displays normally in SeaMonkey's browser. I fix the HTML by pasting it into Dreamweaver, then repasting it into Ebay, where it then displays correctly. For the record, I have to find an alternative to Dreamweaver since I have v5 which is 32-bit and Apple will be moving to only 64-bit apps in the future.

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem. Other than this one issue, I really like Sea Monkey and for my purposes, it's perfect!

Many thanks!

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