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Post Posted March 29th, 2018, 6:54 pm

It works! Seriously thank you SO MUCH! This was one of my biggest pet peeves with SM.

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Download and install Foxit Reader. Goes on Windows and LInux. That's it! Just works. Simple, light weight, no issues so far after years of use. OWPA.

No connections, no punts. Just got tired of Adobe issues.

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forget Foxit Reader - latest versions of Foxit are almost as bloated as Adobe reader (that's right Cuadro)

new versions of the built-in PDF viewer for Seamonkey are available here:

also Sumatra PDF is much more lighter than Foxit reader


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Post Posted January 3rd, 2019, 6:02 am

For Sumatra, you would need 2.5.2 .exe installer version.

That said, I have this note:

Code: Select all
Sumatra PDF browser plugin

this is simply a copy of:

> SumatraPDF.exe
> npPdfViewer.dll

"extracted from the SumatraPDF-2.5.2-install.exe installer (installed sandboxed)

only those two files are
necessary for it to be a
viable browser plugin

no other files are needed
& no actual installation
is required

i was also able to use the SumatraPDF.exe
from the file in
place of the extracted 2.5.2 version

seems to work ;-)

idea from:

as i also, already have, (which
does not include the plugin), suppose all i really
needed to zip up here is the actual .dll plugin, but
oh well...

Hmm... Way back when, I could have s...

Oh, Plugin is 32-bit, but I'm currently using 64-bit SeaMonkey...
Let me fire up 32-bit SeaMonkey...

Nope, still not working.
Could have sworn I saw it working - at the time [& that was under XP]. ???

I wonder if I might not be missing a needed Windows Registry entry?
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