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Post Posted June 4th, 2018, 10:42 am

(i started to write this on 6-1, it looks like, but never finished, nor did i ever get to actually posted, so just going to do that now, as it is...)

Monitors are different.
CRT is not a LCD.
LCD is not LED is not...

Monitor connections are different.
DVI vs VGA vs HDMI vs ...
You may have available different aspect ratios depending on connection, you may have different results depending on connection

Aspect ratio, dot pitch, screen resolution.

Monitor settings; brightness, colors ... "modes" i.e. gaming, video, normal,

Monitors can "stabilize" (picture quality).
When I first got my (last) monitor, I thought it was "bad", looked poorly just about everywhere. Contemplated taking it back. Adjusted this, adjusted that, nothing seemed to help. After a number of hours, it is now fine.
Fire 750, bring back 250.
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