transfer passwords from SM 2.19.3 to Firefox 60

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I use chrome://passwordmgr/content/passwordManager.xul on Seamonkey to recover passwords. I am now using Firefox, but cannot seem to move the data from one browser to the other. I tried copying key3.db and logins.json from the seamonkey profile to the firefox profile with nothing showing up when I go to chrome://passwordmgr/content/passwordManager.xul on firefox. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Might be consider a "hack" or at least a hack-ish way to go about things.
Might or might not be supported in current FF, not sure, but thinking not.
(It does work in Quantum.)

I would create a new, "test" Profile for FF60.
Before opening it, copy key3.db and logins.json into that test Profile.
Open FF using that Profile.
Check FF password manager & see if the passwords have imported.

Note that FF 60 (I guess it is FF Quantum) imports into/uses the file key4.db rather then key3.db.

If they passwords are there, you can then copy key4.db & logins.json from that test Profile, into your original FF60 Profile (with FF closed).
Open original & verify your passwords are seen.

2.19.3 is rather old.
Suppose it should still work.
(Actually, I don't think there was every a 2.19.3. 2.19, yes, in 2013.)
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Thanks,will try. It was a typo. SM version is 2.49.3

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