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Post Posted October 2nd, 2018, 1:43 pm

A few weeks ago, I accessed the Kroger (Pick'n'Save) web site to see what they had on sale. I was informed that my browser was not compatible with their site. So, whenever I want to check what they have on sale, I have to switch to Firefox to do it.

This morning, I wanted to rent a movie from Redbox. The first thing I noticed was that they had a totally different web page than the last time I checked. I found the locations that are near me, but when I clicked on "Browse" to look through what movies were available, I was suddenly at the last web site I had viewed - a science blog.

I couldn't figure out what happened, so I used the bookmark to go back to Redbox's web site again. And again when I clicked on "Browse" I was suddenly back at the science blog. I must have tried it about six times before giving up.

Then I recalled the problem at Kroger's web site. So, I started up Firefox and went to the Redbox page. I was able to browse what was available at the local Redboxes with no problems, and I rented "Solo."

Has anyone else encountered situations where Seamonkey's browser is not compatible with some web site? It looks like it could become a big problem in the future.



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Post Posted October 3rd, 2018, 5:01 am

A number of sites use browser sniffing to determine what material to offer for display and many of those sites are not properly configured to address, or in some cases, even recognize SeaMonkey. That's not a problem with the browser but with the site.!topic ... 1JUL9JQBIM

You could try spoofing your user agent string in SeaMonkey ( viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3037527 )

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