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therube wrote:Profile, cache,... location makes no difference.

QN stores its' notes in the %profilefolder%/chrome/ directory.
Looks to work fine.

As a test, create a new, clean Profile.
Only install QN.

And... ?

Thanks Rube, good idea. I started from scratch with a new profile, including downloading the xpi file from thunderbird .net. I notice it says it's not compatible with this version of seamonkey, so I clicked download anyway. Did you see the same notice when you downloaded it?

Anyway, this profile is completely new & clean except for installing QN.

Still don't work. Only 2 of the notes function, even though it did create all six files for the notes. It also won't save any settings as far as I can tell. BTW, where are the settings stored ? Or any other files associated with QN? Maybe that will be another clue for me.

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hardys wrote:Just tested in SM 2.49.5 without any problem

Thanks Hardys. You were using Seamonkey 2.49.5 in Windows !0, 64 bit, correct??

I wanted to confirm Win 10 because I went through the QN bug reports and several were similar to my problem. Of these some didn't mention the operating system, but a couple mentioned windows 10 or 64 bit system. (I believe the rube is using an older version of windows).

I tried to download the source code, but couldn't figure out how to do that.

So I thought I had possibly discovered the reason, but if you had no problems, I guess it puts me back to square one.

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I'm using SM 2.49.5 and SM 2.53 in Windows 10 prof, 64 bit
I can confirm, that it is not possible, to save some settings and you can only save the notes with a workaround.

To edit the settings, go to about:config and search for quicknote.
Set extensions.quicknote.showsaveasbutton to true
With this setting the Save as button is shown in the quicknote window and you can choose where you want to save the notes.

If you want to look in the source code, you can download the xpi file and open it with 7zip or rename it to .zip and open it in the explorer.

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Thanks Hardys. Looks like it just don't work too well with win 10 for some reason. From digging around, I discovered that the developers abandoned it way back in 2006, so I doubt anyone will ever bring it back.

I wish I could find something similar, but so far I've come up empty.

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With extensions and themes you can quickly tell if they will work OK by looking in the Error Console (Tools>Web Dev>Error Console) when the extension is running.

To filter out all the other stuff, just put, in this case, Quick into the Error Console searchbox. If a .css error comes up then that's not too much to worry about, but a .js error, as with this extension, is likely to stop it working properly.

This tip is also useful for testers, as well as users, as I find they are often too quick with their 'works just fine for me' stuff.
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Thanks Frank! Sounds like a great tip. Hopefully I can remember to do this whenever I install a new addon. Unfortunately, I just removed quicknote (for the 100th time:) before reading your post But, I'll check for errors next time I try it again. Probably LOTs of clues there.

When you say "Error Console searchbox", I'm a little confused. I see a box at the top titled code:, and one at the bottom titled Filter:. The latter has a magnifier beside it, so I assume this is the search box? And the top box is to execute a javascript command?

BTW, I like your cat avatar ... My little buddy is an old siamese cat who LOVES to kill mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits, but unfortunately she hasn't figured out how to kill these pesky armadillos.

At least I'm learning a little bit .... about the error console, and that addons store their settings in about:config. Just about everyone here has helped this old dog learn a few new tricks.

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