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I am not tech savvy, have little to no experience with registry edits and none with codes. Just a VERY long time user of SeaMonkey and love the email client, etc. I'm too swamped with our business, to try all the new Profile attempts, etc. But as of yesterday, I can no longer click and move a Google Map, can no longer open a image, in a Google Image search and just this morning, can no longer pay our mortgage payment, or even enter a silly HDTV contest, using SeaMonkey. All websites listed, work find in IE. In fact, this link, when first searching for help (news:// lead me to a page error. Is there anyway to use Firefox and keep the easy access to emails and all the hundreds of important and regularly referred to, saved emails? Otherwise, I will just have to use both browsers and keep coping URLs into IE, to get things done. Any simple fixes?


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It took you longer to type that post than it would have to create a new SeaMonkey profile to test things. Just click on Tools->Switch Profile->click on "Manage Prolfes"->click on "Create Profile"->click on the name of the new profile and click on "Use profile."
As for the link you posted here, I had no problem viewing the URL in SaeMonkey 2.49.4.

Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?


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If you set a useragent override for google, see viewtopic.php?p=14835309#p14835309.
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