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Having been a Seamonkey user for years I love the program. One thing I had hoped in the new 249.5 update banking security would be better. One bank does not have a problem with Seamonkey the other does I still get a message that I am using an unsecured browser and have to click I understand the risks. Other bank sites I can not use Seamonkey at all. Will this ever be fixed?


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There's nothing in SeaMonkey to be fixed. The problem lies in the coding of those bank web sites. They are using faulty browser sniffing and only recognizing a very limited number of applications. You can try changing the User Agent String in SeaMonkey to try to make those sites believe you are using, for instance, a current version of Firefox. viewtopic.php?f=40&t=3051786&p=14837315&hilit=user+agent#p14837315

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