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Hi all,
I use SeaMonkey as my primary browser but sometimes websites don't like it so I have Chrome as my backup browser for those occasions. I really don't like Chrome and was thinking of installing Firefox as my possible backup. But, I seem to remember way back that it was risky to have both Firefox and SeaMonkey installed on the same computer, that they can get intertwined or confused. Do any of you have both installed and have you experienced any problems of that nature?

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They would have separate profiles, and should not cause problems for each other.


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Windows may get confused as to which browser you want as the default for various file types but that would occur with SeaMonkey and any other installed browser. There's no conflict in having both SeaMonkey and Firefox on the same system, even if running both at the same time.

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I have Firefox and Seamonkey both installed: never seen any problem.
And i can transfer information from seamonkey (main tool) to firefox copying files from Seamonkey's profile to Firefox's profile. (never done in other way)
Firefox is used only for "written with foots in dark" websites...
Never use other navigator (exception: in my company we have a tool running uniquely with IE: no choice here Other exception: when i was still using windows seven, IE for windows updates and... that's all.)

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Thank you all. I guess I'll give it a shot!

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